Sean Fuller

Sean Fuller has a unique ability to understand a client’s needs and attain their goals effectively, calmly and seamlessly. With a background as a sales and customer professional in the automotive industry, Sean has always had a passion for helping people meet their needs with the perfect product. Honesty, integrity, a stellar work ethic and strong negotiating skills are what have always set Sean apart. “Clients appreciate my attentive guidance and straightforward manner,” he says. “I put myself in their shoes and cater to their needs, always looking out for their best interests, not mine.” Growing up in Scotch Plains, NJ, Sean became intrigued with real estate thanks to his grandfather who was a landlord and the owner of multi-family homes. Watching his success drove his own interest in real estate, and made him choose a career in the field in the greatest city in the world. Sean lives on Manhattan’s Upper West Side a block from Central Park. He also specializes on the Upper East Side having worked there for several years. As a former member of USA Today’s Top 25 High School Basketball Teams, Sean still loves playing the game and coaching youth basketball. He also likes to travel and loves fishing, especially in the beautiful swamps of New Orleans where goes bow and arrow fishing every year.